‘Let your hopes, not your hurts, shape your future’ — Robert H Schuller

With the world locked down, due to a pandemic, it is important that we stay positive and keep our spirits up. Job hunting and the related procedures might seem really hectic and cumbersome, but hope is what we need these days. Do not get disheartened with the rejections that you might face, and keep trying for the next opportunity to come your way. Turn your negatives into positives, and work on your weaknesses. This would develop your ability to initiate, learn and grow.

I recently went through a TED talk by Gil Winch, a psychologist and entrepreneur. The talk was a part of The Way We Work, a TED original video series where leaders and thinkers offer practical wisdom and insight into how we can adapt and thrive amid changing workplace conventions. …

Soft skills can be defined as character traits or interpersonal aptitudes that affect your ability to work and interact with others. They can’t be taught in a classroom or measured quantitatively. Today’s job market gives immense importance to soft skills since these are the parameters that decide a candidate’s ability to work in a team and fit into the system. A survey presented by SMB World found that nearly 72% of CEOs believe that soft skills are more important to the success of their business than hard skills.

So here are a few of the soft skills that I found relevant and those which the hiring managers would vote for.

  1. Communication (written and oral)
  2. Teamwork
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Work ethics
  5. Interpersonal skills

Do feel free to put in your comments regarding this topic :)

What does an employer look for in a candidate? Is it their skills, their experience or their attitude? While all three of these are important, having the desired skillset and a bit of experience in the domain gets you hired much easier. Out of all the applications that the employers receive, the applicant who most closely matches the skill requirement has a greater chance of being called for the interview.

While applying for a job, list out the skills the job demands. Take a look at your skill set and focus on the matching skills. Highlight the same in your resume and cover letter, and focus on including the skill-relevant certifications. Do not forget to emphasize the work experience that has aided you in mastering the specific skill. Keep sharpening your skills, and do not miss put on any opportunity that would help you excel in your field!

Your resume is one of the most important factors which creates a good impression as to how amazing you are in your skills and highlights your work experience. Hence it is necessary that your resume is polished and professional so that the employer would like to take another look at…

The world is in the middle of a pandemic. The industry and academia are facing issues like never before and resourceful human beings and bright minds are what they seek right now. The students graduating from various institutions with the industries struggling to keep up, uncertain of the competition and…

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